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5 Benefits of Modern Walkable Communities

Cincinnati Communities such as Madeira are making pedestrians a priority by creating walkable, pleasant environments. In designing communities with nearby services and shops, outdoor cafes, and plenty of opportunities for personal interaction, cities are bringing the urban and the suburban together. Here, readers can learn some of the many advantages of Walkable Communities.

Creating the Ideal Environment for Walkers

Do you ask yourself “where should I live in Cincinnati” or “where should I move to in Cincinnati”? We have a variety of neighborhoods and communities that each provide something unique to its area. What area works for you?

In a walkable community, inhabitants will gradually realize that they don’t have to have a car to get things done. When stores and workplaces are nearby, people can bike or walk there within minutes. In a world where many people do their shopping online, a walkable community will get them outdoors and encourage them to interact with others.

MadeiraEncouraging an Increase in Physical Activity

There’s no need to pay for a gym membership when it’s possible to lose weight by taking a walk each day. According to information from the Mayo Clinic, walking can lift the mood, manage or prevent conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, strengthen the bones, and improve balance and coordination. The more a person walks, the more they benefit.

Reduced Speeds for Automobiles and Greater Safety for Everyone

In walkable communities, streets are often narrower than those in other places, which forces drivers to obey the speed limit. Additionally, reserved lanes for cars, cyclists, and pedestrians reduce the chances of a dangerous accident.

Cincinnati CommunitiesMeeting the Demand for Walkable Cities

On the subject of bringing things up to speed, the world’s economy gives workers the chance to relocate. Companies compete to attract the best talent, and offering increased convenience and mobility is a great way to build a stronger workforce. When a company’s potential employees see that shops, schools, restaurants, and workplaces are all close by, they see that Cincinnati is a modern place to work and live.

Making Movement Affordable

When a city is made walkable, people can drive less and save money at the same time. Reducing the use of motor vehicles means less is spent on maintenance, insurance coverage, and wasted fuel. When a person is considering moving to the Cincinnati area, its walkability will encourage them to save money on transportation while making new friends and meeting new people.