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Costs Associated With Cincinnati Real Estate Renovation

Most people that own Cincinnati real estate know that home renovation work isn’t easy, or cheap. It goes without saying that, with a number of television programs devoted to property renovation, folks are increasingly exposed to the notion of the costs of renovating their home. What is the cost of renovating a kitchen, carrying out expansion work, or putting on a new roof?

Real Estate Renovation - Roof

This article will try to demystify the main renovation costs. From the outset, there is no method that allows a price to be determined accurately without first having accurately estimated the totality of the work to be performed. The method of estimating the cost per square foot must be combined with the full cost method to allow an accurate estimate of the costs of a project.

Square Feet Renovation Estimate

The square foot cost method is widely used to estimate the costs of a renovation project. Although some general or specialized contractors say they can estimate everything with cost per square foot, some reservations need to be highlighted. The number of square feet to be realized is effectively indirectly proportional to the cost per square feet for said work.

In other words, the greater the number of square feet for Cincinnati real estate, the lower the cost per square foot. One must, therefore, be wary of estimating costs too quickly and whether the amount of work to be done is representative of the price per sq. ft.

Real Estate Renovation - Attic

The Complete Cost Method

This home update method requires a certain amount of knowledge concerning building estimations. When it comes to a simple balcony reconstruction, the full cost method requires homeowners to identify all the labor tasks and all the materials required to complete the project. Here is a quick example:

  • Estimated labor time required for balcony construction = 20h @ $45/ h = $900
  • Estimated cost of materials required for balcony construction = $400
  • Estimated full cost of construction of balcony floor = $900 + $400 = $ 1300

Now, just as with the method of estimating costs per square foot, only an experienced estimator will be able to use this method adequately. Lack of experience will often cause omissions and oversights that will be costly when carrying out the work. Think about it.