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Fixing a Leaky Basement: Identify & Address Water Issues

Homeowners with a leaky basement do not enjoy the rain showers that signal the start of spring. The discovery of water in the lowest level of a home is a disturbing find. It could become a very expensive problem because it can eventually cause structural problems or mold issues. Excessive leaks may even put electrical panels, furnaces, and anything else in the basement at risk. Every homeowner needs to know what to do when this problem arises.

Why Basements Leak

Leaky BasementsThere are many reasons why water enters a basement. Poor drainage around the foundation or rainy spells that cause an abundance of water in the soil could make the issue appear. When the water enters the basement, it is a sign of either a crack in the foundation walls or floors, basement windows that are not sealed or are installed incorrectly, or gaps around plumbing pipes or doors.

It is easy to determine when there is water in the basement, but it is not always as easy to discover where it originates. Water may come in around a pipe, travel its length, and collect somewhere else. The basement may lack ventilation and the water is a condensation issue rather than an actual leak. Some basement leaks may even be water seeping from a damaged water heater or water pipe.

Where to Look

Inspect all plumbing and the water heater first for any signs of damage. Look for white, chalky powder on the walls, the existence of mold, or peeling paint to determine the area affected most. Carefully search the walls, floors, and other structural components for signs of cracks or gaps.

How to Resolve Wet Basement Issues

Leaky BasementsIf you have a leaky basement you should contact a contractor that specializes in basement waterproofing. The contractor will inspect the interior and exterior of the basement to determine the cause of the leak and provide an estimate for the repair. The cost of the work could be minimal if the problem is simple, or it could cost significantly more. The price will rise if the foundation is damaged and exterior drainage is needed.

A wet basement does not go away, and ignoring the problem will only cause additional damage. All Cincinnati real estate is valued higher when the basement is waterproofed and the home is protected against further water damage. Address the issue early to prevent any added expense.