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Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips for Real Estate Owners

It can be daunting to think of home maintenance, especially for a first-time real estate owner. Caring for the home is not only costly, it can be time-consuming as well. However, with the tips listed below, even a first-timer can get through the process without feeling overwhelmed.

Check Drainage During Spring

We all know that April’s showers bring May’s flowers, but they can bring something that’s a little less pleasant: drainage issues. During the spring thaw, observe how snow-melt runs off the home’s roof. It should flow away from the home and the foundation. Spring is also a good time to inspect the roof for damage to soffits and shingles.

Cleaning the Gutters

The main cause of improper drainage is a blockage in the downspouts or gutters. Cleaning a clogged gutter is an easy and effective way to avoid drainage issues, but it’s important to be safe while doing it. If the home has more than one story or the owner can’t climb a ladder safely, it’s best to hire someone to do the cleaning.

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Make Small Repairs

Spring is the right time to take care of siding, masonry and paint issues as well. By making repairs while problems are small, homeowners can save significantly on repairs and keep the home looking newer for longer.

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Clean the Yard

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to end inside the home; it’s also a great time to tidy up the yard. Winter’s harsh winds can knock down dead branches and make the lawn look a little worse for wear, but an application of fertilizer and some basic maintenance can get things looking lush and green again.

Keep the Bugs Out

When real estate owners open their windows to let the fresh spring air in, they may also let bugs into the house if there are holes in the window screens. Although screen repair is possible, replacement is easy and relatively inexpensive. With window and screen repairs, homeowners can let the air in while keeping bugs out.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

If there are trees, shrubs, and bushes growing around the midwest home, spring is the perfect time to get them trimmed up. Branches should be at least seven feet from the home so they don’t transfer moisture and allow pests to get onto the roof and into the attic.

Taking care of a home can be difficult, especially after a long, hard winter. With these seasonal home maintenance tips, even a new homeowner can easily manage these tasks and prepare your home for sale.

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