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10 Reasons to Look Into Cincinnati Real Estate

The Cincinnati real estate market has plenty to offer for families of all sizes, so it should be no surprise that new residents are arriving every day. Those wondering, Where should I move to in Cincinnati will find that options abound, and all of them look pretty good. Continue reading to find out why.

1. Arts and Culture

Cincinnati is home to over 100 arts and cultural organizations. These include the Cincinnati Symphony orchestra, the Cincinnati Ballet, the Taft Theatre, the Cincinnati Art Museum, and more.

2. Affordable Living

The Queen City boasts all of the advantages of other nearby cities like Chicago and Cleveland, but it is much less expensive. Its lower cost of living allows residents to spend more of their time enjoying the sights and sounds and less time working.

3. Amazing Restaurants

Restaurants like Senate, Salazar, and Boca give Cincinnati a well-deserved reputation for culinary excellence. Residents can find just about any kind of food they want when they head out to eat.

4. Beautiful Parks

Eden Park, Ault Park, and Smale Riverfront Park are just three of the most beautiful, meticulously maintained public parks in this great city. Along with its many other public areas, they offer plenty of hiking and recreation for outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Family Friendly

There are plenty of kid-friendly destinations in town, including a zoo, a botanical garden, the Children’s Museum, and plenty of parks. Plus, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is well-known for its excellent pediatric specialists.

6. Colleges and Universities

No matter what a student wants to learn, he or she will be able to find a well-respected college or university right in town. Local schools like Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati rank well on national scales.

7. Plenty of Work

Unlike residents of some modern cities, newcomers will have no trouble finding jobs. This fine city is home to nine Fortune 500 companies and a thriving local economy.

8. Sports Teams

Cincinnati is home to the Bengals football team and the Reds baseball team. The city boasts two new stadiums and a thriving college sports scene as well.

Cincinnati Night Life9. Vibrant Nightlife

There are plenty of options to keep night owls busy here. These include live music, casinos, restaurants, bars, and more.

10. The Ohio River

Residents love walking along the riverfront, while new arrivals enjoy sightseeing tours. There’s plenty to do along the Ohio River. Find out the answer to the question, Where should I live in Cincinnati by learning more online today.

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Can Nursing Home Residents Protect Their Home Equity In Cincinnati?

Nursing Home

In 2015, over 44,000 Ohio residents were living in a long-term skilled nursing facility, and more than half of those patients were recipients of Medicaid. With skilled nursing care costs increasing, people worry about how to afford a nursing home stay if they need it, and how they can qualify for Medicaid assistance without forfeiting their home equity. The following is some information that can help elders and their family members make important decisions about long-term care.

The Rights Of The Community Spouse

When a nursing home resident has a spouse who is still living in the family home, the spouse is designated as a “community spouse,” and the home is not counted among assets for Medicaid eligibility. This rule applies only to the primary residence as of 2017. Vacation homes or other secondary residences can count against Medicaid eligibility. This is a relatively recent change to the law.

When There Is No Nursing Home Spouse

Nursing Home

For people who have no spouse at the time of their Medicaid application, the value of their home can count against their eligibility unless they express an intent to return home after a temporary stay. If that is not a reasonable expectation, then the home owner may need to sell the home and spend down the proceeds in order to qualify for Medicaid. In most cases, the home can only be sold; it cannot be given away as a gift.

Transferring A Home To An Adult Child Or Sibling

In certain circumstances, however, a home can be transferred to an adult child or sibling of the home owner so that the home is exempted as a countable asset. Home owners can transfer their home to a minor child, to a disabled adult child, and to an adult child who has been living in the home for at least two years and provided care giving services that delayed the move into a care facility. A home can also be transferred to a sibling who shares equity in the home.

When a person is unable to qualify for Medicaid due to a high income or high-value assets, home equity can be an option to pay for long-term care. Visit this site to learn more about Cincinnati real estate and to find out where should i live in Cincinnati.

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Costs Associated With Cincinnati Real Estate Renovation

Most people that own Cincinnati real estate know that home renovation work isn’t easy, or cheap. It goes without saying that, with a number of television programs devoted to property renovation, folks are increasingly exposed to the notion of the costs of renovating their home. What is the cost of renovating a kitchen, carrying out expansion work, or putting on a new roof?

Real Estate Renovation - Roof

This article will try to demystify the main renovation costs. From the outset, there is no method that allows a price to be determined accurately without first having accurately estimated the totality of the work to be performed. The method of estimating the cost per square foot must be combined with the full cost method to allow an accurate estimate of the costs of a project.

Square Feet Renovation Estimate

The square foot cost method is widely used to estimate the costs of a renovation project. Although some general or specialized contractors say they can estimate everything with cost per square foot, some reservations need to be highlighted. The number of square feet to be realized is effectively indirectly proportional to the cost per square feet for said work.

In other words, the greater the number of square feet for Cincinnati real estate, the lower the cost per square foot. One must, therefore, be wary of estimating costs too quickly and whether the amount of work to be done is representative of the price per sq. ft.

Real Estate Renovation - Attic

The Complete Cost Method

This home update method requires a certain amount of knowledge concerning building estimations. When it comes to a simple balcony reconstruction, the full cost method requires homeowners to identify all the labor tasks and all the materials required to complete the project. Here is a quick example:

  • Estimated labor time required for balcony construction = 20h @ $45/ h = $900
  • Estimated cost of materials required for balcony construction = $400
  • Estimated full cost of construction of balcony floor = $900 + $400 = $ 1300

Now, just as with the method of estimating costs per square foot, only an experienced estimator will be able to use this method adequately. Lack of experience will often cause omissions and oversights that will be costly when carrying out the work. Think about it.